MySQL Performance Tuning Or: How To Optimize And Scale With MySQL / LAMP

Welcome to MySQL Performance Tuning. This site is for people who need to optimize, tune and scale MySQL. Or, more generally speaking, build high performance websites.

We focus on getting more from your existing hardware.

MySQL / LAMP Performance Tuning

Everita provides a comprehensive consulting service focused on optimizing the performance of MySQL and LAMP stacks.

In conjunction to this we can profile your application, alerting you to bottlenecks, and advise you on how to get more from your existing hardware.

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Remote MySQL
DBA Services

Everita offers an expert remote and on-site DBA service. We can look after the day-to-day maintenance of your database.

Our services include server configuration, monitoring, backup and restoration, configuring replication and query optimization amongst others.

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A fix for "Incorrect key file for table '/tmp/#sql_xxxx_x.MYI'" in MySQL

Chances are, that if you're seeing this error, you've run out of space in /tmp or wherever tmpdir points to. If only for the time it takes MySQL to create a temporary file (filling the disk) and delete it in disgust.

Serve Static Drupal Content Faster With Boost And Nginx

If your site serves static Drupal content then Boost might be for you. Having got an impressive 167% increase yesterday with XCache we can show you how we got an eye-popping further 1806% increase with Boost. Warning: your results may vary.

How To Speed Up Drupal With XCache

If you serve pages from Drupal or moreover with PHP you could increase your PHP throughput by a staggering 167% for five minutes of effort. If you haven't already find out how with XCache.

How To Reduce table_locks_waited In MySQL/MyISAM

The scourge of parallelism and scaling everywhere: locking. Or in MySQL/MyISAM — and to be more precise — table locks. Here's an overview of what to look out for and how one might go about reducing the frequency at which they occur.

How To Speed Up MySQL: An Introduction To Optimizing

Although there is nothing groundbreaking in this document consider it a bringing together of techniques for your first foray into optimization. We won't discuss the more esoteric methods of squeezing the very last millisecond out of MySQL. There are a myriad of parameters to tune: here's what you need to get right first.

Having MySQL performance issues?

We're experts at tuning MySQL and offer a MySQL performance consulting service.

LAMP stack not performing as you'd hoped?

Everita is experienced at getting the most out of your Linux, Apache, MySQL and Perl, PHP or Python setup. We're Drupal Experts.

Client Testimonials

Steve was knowledgeable and diligent in helping us identify application characteristics which were impacting MySQL's efficiency.

I would recommend him to anyone needing help optimising MySQL server and look forward to working with him in the future.

Richard Ainley
Performance Tester
WorkPlace Systems PLC

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